Logbook Servicing

If you have any issue with your car air-conditioning, Heating System or Climate Control call us to arrange for a full performance Test and System Diagnosis. It may be just a small leak or maybe somewhat more extreme, so by carrying out a system diagnostic test, we will be able to pin point the problem from the start.

At Sunbury Auto Air, we are Air conditioning specialists. We have a complete comprehension of air conditioning in all vehicles. Our certified and skilled technicians will diagnose and repair the faults that primary dealers cannot find.

If the system is beyond repair, we will dependably prompt you before completing any further work. Once you have given consent for us to proceed, we will make all the essential repairs, and your vehicle will be returned to you, fully restored and tested for full peace of mind.

Major & minor services

We offer:

Minor service includes:

  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Check and cleaning of air filters including cabin air filter
  • Check fuel filter and fuel lines
  • Check brakes and clutch system
  • Clear service warning lights
  • Adjust handbrake where applicable
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Lube all doors
  • Check battery, including charging
  • Check all electrics
  • Safety check and full report

Major service includes:

  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Replacement of air filter and fuel filter
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Replacement of cabin air filter if required
  • Check and top-up of all fluids including coolant, transmission, power steering and windscreen washers
  • Check and top-up tyre pressure, including your spare
  • Check, clean and adjust front and rear brakes
  • Check clutch system
  • Adjust handbrake if required
  • Lube all doors
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Check exhaust system
  • Clear service warning lights
  • Carry out computer diagnostic scan
  • Check battery, including charging
  • Check electrical system
  • Free wash and vacuum
  • Free VACC 5-point safety check and safety certificate