Auto Air Conditioning Services

We are the leading provider of auto air conditioning services in Sunbury with a guarantee to provide reasonable offers. We know how essential it is to have a working, appropriately-maintained AC system in any vehicle. This is the reason we provide a full scope of products and services that suit most vehicle makes and models. Our completely-qualified team can handle any installation, service, or repair work in autos.

When it comes to auto air conditioning in Sunbury, we do :

  • A full system check

We run diagnostics on the entire AC system to detect leaks and other potential problems. This includes checking the belts, hoses, compressor, valves, pulleys, thermostat, wiring, refrigerant levels, and other related parts.

  • Re-gas

We re-gas your vehicle’s AC system by recharging the refrigerant, replacing the lubricating oil, and checking other system components.

  • Servicing

We go under the hood to see if all elements of the AC system are working and are maintained properly. We also tune-up parts to extend service life.

  • Repairs

Our AC experts have a fully-equipped, modern workshop where we work on your AC system to bring it back to top notch performance.

  • Spare parts and replacements

We have a range of spare parts for your car AC system. We also fabricate individual parts for a more custom, effective, and reasonable service.

Trust that when you work with the Sunbury team, you’re teaming up with skilled and certified experts whose aim is to keep you calm and safe on the road.